Sexy Argentinian girls vs hot Asian women: who wins?

Argentina dating search parameters

Today, modern single men have all kinds of opportunities for international dating. There are such tools as interracial and multi-lingual dating apps, travel apps, and many others.

It turns less serious men into collectors of different types of female beauty worldwide, and marriage-minded men into very selective suitors. Which kind are you?

Let’s start from the fact that all men chose a future wife accordingly to their main priorities. We’ll compare Asian and Argentinian brides from the perspective of those priorities.

Low-budget search criterion

There is a belief that women from poorer countries are better wives. Since they desperately want to escape and improve their quality of life, they treat their foreign boyfriend like a king.

Some Eastern European, Asian, and Latin American countries are certainly less prosperous than western countries. Therefore, girls from there can be viewed as the best girlfriends.

However, that is just a theory. Of course, Filipina women are happy to find someone who will help them survive, but other Asian girls live quite a good life. So they aren’t a good example.

Argentina women may seem well-provided as well, but only at the first glance. Stereotypes can be pretty deceiving. Girls who’ve got good jobs in Buenos Aires, shall prefer to stay there.

But thousands of others who live in provincial towns, do not have many nice options. Western men, even with an average income, is a salvation for them. And here is why.

In smaller Argentinian towns, even a well-educated and smart girl has little chances for a good career and self-development. While the capital city isn’t borderless to host everyone.

Beautiful landscapes in some of those towns aren’t enough to make young people stay. Those who aren’t involved into touristic business and have nothing to sell on the open market, make no profit.

So our conclusion is that Argentinian women vs Asian women are better brides because they are committed to find a foreign man and change their life. They do treat him like a king!  

Beauty rate and model-like parameters

Beauty cannot be measured since everyone has his own personal preferences. But let’s be honest, our minds and tastes are all greatly affected by global social media.

So many of us certainly prefer 90-60-90 blondes or at least tall slim chicks with nice long hair. Big eyes and lips are also a part of mainstream beauty stereotypes.

From that point of view, and not to offend anyone, Argentinian girls are more attractive. They are mostly of average or tall height, slim, long hair, big eyes, and their sensual lips are irresistible.

Of course, there are lots of men who are fond of Asian women’s petite figures, almond-shaped eyes, and girly pink lips, but we dare to say the majority of men would rather chose Argentina girls.

Sexual behaviour and level of passion

It is a well-known fact that Asian women are rather submissive. Some dating blogs mention Argentinian girls are, as well. But it’s a bit incorrect and there are certain nuances.

Argentina women can be called submissive only regarding their patriarchal views. They feel very much at peace and comfort when a man is leading and solving the most everyday issues.

They carefully listen to his opinion and respect it, unless he is an obvious loser. When you suggest something, they just smile and accept, excluding the inappropriate stuff.

But in a bed, Argentinian girls aren’t one hundred percent subbies. They can play this role if it pleases both of you, otherwise they remain flexible enough for any other roles.

Moreover, since Argentina women are very passionate, they go on a top of you at least once per night and take initiative in many other positions too. How awesome is that?

After all, if you used to prefer Asian girls only because of their submissive behaviour, make a deal with Argentina girlfriend and she will play this role most of the times. She truly enjoys it!

Fashionable looks and femininity

If you are a world traveller, you probably know that in prosperous Asian countries such as Singapore and Hong-Kong, female office workers and businesswomen look rather fancy.

The same tendency is seen in South Korea which slowly becomes one of the capitals of fashion.

We would add that Filipina women certainly chose to wear feminine dresses, mostly because of the heat and due to their willing to find a boyfriend among coming tourists.

Except these several categories, Asian women totally prefer casual clothes and you can do nothing about that. They work long hours, commuting in Asian cities is very busy as well, so it’s logical.

Not all girls in China or Japan would go out with you in a smart dress. Their habit to put something comfortable on wins over, and men just have to adapt.

Well, one cannot say the same about Argentinian women. Even very young girls prefer cool sportive dresses over jeans and T-shirts, which is quite a phenomenon for late teenage.

It’s typical for older females too, not depending on their social status. Also, note that Asian type of femininity is connected with cute and childish images while a Latin type is more mature-looking.

So it can be said that Argentinian girls are somewhat more fashionable and feminine than Asian women, if to judge from the western or general point of view.


Ways to attract an Argentina woman vs Asian one

If for some reason, you got adapted to Asian females mentality and now want to switch to Argentina girls, there are some interesting facts you may need to know.

Argentina girl likes equality in finances. Asian girls will most certainly expect you to pay, while Buenos Aires women at least put efforts to become more independent and share the bill.

Argentina girl may kiss you first. It absolutely cannot happen in Asian culture where women are pictured so sexually passive. But in Argentina, women express themselves freely.

Argentina girl isn’t obsessed with marriage.Asian women can be just lovers but it is considered humiliating and decent girls do keep marriage in mind. In Argentina, it’s optional.

Argentina girl is comfortable in public.You have probably noticed that Asian women prefer not to get private in public. While Argentinian girls are too emotional for hiding anything from people.

Argentina girl is willing to travel a lot.If you want a travel companion who would explore the world with you continuously, Argentina women suit better. They are very curious to see new places.

For some reason, Asian women consider travelling only for practical purposes so they travel mostly for studies or for a family relocation and finding new jobs.

Argentina girl won’t make revenge.Both types of women are jealous and don’t like their man to mess around. But Argentina women just yell and then get philosophic while Asian women make revenge.

Argentina girl won’t chose her mom over you.Asian girls are extremely attached to their families and sometimes let their mom win over. Argentinian girls are more emotionally independent.

Argentina girl is keeping fit. It doesn’t happen often that Asian women attend the gym on a regular basis. They rather jog, practice Qi-Gong or martial arts. Argentina women go to the gym often.

Argentina girl is happy with your social status. Asian women are focused on a man’s career on a genetic level. They think it’s crucial for him to get the best education and constantly grow.

Argentina women are just ok with everything you have to offer. They have a bit hippie kind of mind and social matters bother them less. They really give a feeling of inner freedom.

Argentina girl is openly sexy. Both Asian and Argentinian girls like to be modest or at least pretend they are, but Buenos Aires women do not associate this inner quality with clothes.

Like the majority of Latin women, they are absolutely comfortable with very open clothes, bikini, or topless, and it doesn’t prevent them from having good values.

So if you wonder how to attract an Argentina girl, the final answer is simple, be yourself! It’s so easy to do next to Argentinian beauties and men are relieved to feel they don’t owe anything to anyone.


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